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Permaculture Chicken Tractor Videos:
Chicken pens and chicken tractors made from bamboo, mud and a whole range of other materials and ideas. See some of the wild and amazing ideas people all over the world use to keep their chickens and use those chickens to enhance their gardens.

Good Ol' Chicken Tractor Video:
My favorite chicken tractor video. Love this guys accent and the wheels (I wonder if the neighbour will be brave enough to ask for his lawn mower wheels back!) Good use for lawn mower wheels in my opinion.

Rough Bamboo Chicken Tractor:
If you have some bamboo available (or even straight timber branches) you could make an attractive chicken tractor. The example below is not so pretty but you can see the potential.

Making an A frame with bamboo is very simple. Using bamboo you could make a frame for a nice chicken coop or chicken tractor.  Remember that because screws can split bamboo you usually lash bamboo with string or twine, lawyer cane etc.

Chicken Dome:
You can make a chicken dome for use as a chicken tractor from pvc pipe, black poly pipe, light bamboo and a variety of other materials. Some people use cable ties to hold the pipe together and to attach the chicken wire.

Chicken Dome Part 2:
In the wet tropics depending on where you live you do have to seriously consider making the area where your chickens roost at night both dog proof and snake proof. While this kind of dome construction is appealing be aware that it may not be ideal by itself for protecting your chickens.

It may be more practical to make a simpler dome (less like fort knox) for ranging during the day and have a smaller "snake proof" enclosure for your chickens to roost in at night.

Another Chicken Dome:
Note the use of old mower catchers as laying boxes.

Cob Construction For A Chicken Coop:
Making a small chicken coop from cob (mud and straw) can be fast and fun (it's something you can do over a few days with a group or your children doing just an hour or so a day.  The videos below are a cat house but the principles of building with cob are the same.

# A lot of Rocks at the bottom and make sure water will drain away from your structure.

# Mix mud, a little water and straw and form the walls by hand. For a chicken pen the walls can be quite thin.

# Have a wide overhanging roof to protect the walls. For extra protection you can lime wash the walls ocassionally although you probably won't bother.

# With a chicken coop think through how you're going to collect the eggs and where the manure will go when the chickens are roosting (some people use bird wire under the roost so the manure falls out into a container, plastic wheelbarrow or hay etc.)

# Have fun and make your chicken coop beautiful and unique.

A Creative Cob Chicken Treehouse:
Rasing your chicken coop up like this might have some real merit. Also the idea of using this kind of wattle and daub construction (using branches as the forms for mud) is interesting and can save some time and lets you make more interesting structures.

Again you might want to think through how you're going to get eggs and manure out of your chicken coop when you're designing it.

Having some kind of pen around a roost makes it easier to get your chickens in at night or earlier if you're ranging them in another area.  You just feed them in the pen.

Roll A Coop Chicken Coop And Tractor:
The roll a coop chicken coop doesn't allow chickens to dig but it certainly should be dog and snake proof and may be appropriate for some situations (like when you want the manure but you don't want the digging).

Another Simple Chicken Tractor:
No cool accent in this video but it is a simple chicken tractor you could create with a variety of materials for the framing.

A Frame Chicken Coop:
It's simple and you can use a variety of materials to make one (including a bamboo frame). See if you can use a combination of designs and local materials to create an attractive chicken coop and tractor for your home.

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