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Permaculture Moringa Oleifera Tree:
The moringa tree is an incredibly hardy, productive tree with a wide variety of uses from edible, high protein leaves to water purification from its seeds.

Possible uses for Moringa include:
# Eating the leaves raw (although most people don't like the taste much).
# Eating the highly nutritious leaves cooked in soups and other dishes.
# Drying the leaves and powdering them and using them as a food supplement.
# Leaves used as animal forage.

# Cooking the green immature seed pods (drumsticks) as a vegetable (like very large green beans). They have a taste similar to asparagus.
# Stir frying the mature seeds (stir fried they taste something like peanuts).
# Cold pressing the seeds to create an oil (used for cooking, cosmetics and lubrication).

# Cutting leaves and branches and using them as a high nitrogen mulch for other plants.
# As a companion plant with very light shade in the home garden and high nitrogen, year round leaf drop.
# Live fencing.

# And many other uses including medicinal.

Planting And Growth:

The Moringa tree is very easy to grow. Simply plant seeds or cuttings in the ground in a sunny spot. As part of planting on raised beds is best...the trees don't like being waterlogged.

Hardwood cuttings of 30cm to 1 metre planted in the ground should grow vigorously. You can harvest the leaves at will and cut the tree back regularly for mulch or as a way of harvesting leaves.

Moringa Seeds For Water Purification:
The powder from the crushed moringa seed kernal acts a a natural coagulant binding to the solids in water causing them to sink to the bottom. This leaves the water clear with 90-99% of the bacteria removed (to be reasonably certain of removing most bacteria and parasites you should boil water as well). This video explains step by step how to use the seeds of the moringa tree to purify water...

Oil From Moringa Seeds:
You can extract oil from moringa seeds by pressing or mashing the seeds and boiling them in water. When you boil it the oil floats to the top of the water where it can be scooped off and used for cooking or lubrication. You can dry, crush and powder the mashed seed and use it for purifying water.

Cold pressed oil from moringa seeds is long lasting with a shelf life of around 5 years. It is used in cosmetics as a skin conditioner, as a cooking oil and for lubrication. The following video shows the cold pressing of moringa seeds to make oil...

How To Powder Moringa Leaves:
This video shows you how to cut a moringa tree (it grows back) and how to powder the leaves of the moringa tree...

Traditionally the leaves are dehydrated in the shade and crushed with a mortar and pestle as you can see in this video...

Moringa Leaves And Nutrition:
In some areas of the world the tree is called "mother's best friend" because the leaves are so high in protein and other nutrients. Giving children moringa leaves as part of their diet is an exceptional way of increasing nutrition in their diet. It's great for adults too. In many areas during drought the moringa tree has saved people from starvation and malnutrition because it produces leaves even with little water...

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