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What's Wrong With Architechture Video:
This Series of videos discuss cob building, building with natural materials and the impact this kind of building can have on local neighbourhoods, local cultures, finance and their relation to permaculture and natural systems.

What's Wrong With Architecture:
Video 1: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
This video discusses the problems with modern building methods including the destructive effect on the ecology of our planet.
NOTE: Building methods like cob, earth building, bamboo etc are not just limited to building homes. You can build chicken houses, outdoor kitchens and barbeques, cob ovens etc etc.
(9 minutes and 23 seconds)...

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Video 2: African Earth
How many traditional cultures in Africa have used earth for building for thousands of years and how returning to using earth to build has freed them to create the buildings they need to live...
(6 minutes and 32 seconds)...

Video 3: American Earth
Traditional and modern earth building in America. Also comments on how permaculture and natural building relate to each other.
(8 minutes and 36 seconds)...

Video 4: Why Earth?
Why earth is usually the most appropriate, readily available source of building material when you build a home.
(6 minutes and 9 seconds)...

Video 5: Empowering Earth
How learning to build with earth can empower people to take control of their lives in a healthy holistic way.
(6 minutes and 43 seconds)...

Video 6: Another Earth Is Possible
Ordinary people making extraordinary buildings from earth including a popcorn stand in Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada. Also an amazing seismic test showing how cob building might stand up to earthquakes.
(5 minutes and 40 seconds)...

Video 7: European Earth
Cob buildings in Europe that have occupied continuously for hundreds of years.
(7 minutes and 15 seconds)...

Video 8: Arabian Earth
Buildings over 1,000 years old made of earth in Yemen.
(5 minutes and 42 seconds)...

Video 9: Urban Earth
How building in earth relates to neighborhoods, communities and our desperate need for social interaction.
(8 minutes and 46 seconds)...

Video 10: Inner City Earth
How earth building and living areas can make over inner city areas.
(6 minutes and 20 seconds)...

Video 11: International Earth
Earth building in Thailand (wet tropics) and how it has helped to free locals from the tyranny of a lifetime of debt.
(6 minutes and 20 seconds)...

Video 12: Future Earth
Why simple building methods and appropriate technology like earth building are vital to the future of the earth and people who live on the earth.
(10 minutes)...

Extra Video: Cob Mixing Basics
A nice example of mixing cob using a tarp. It's basically mud, a little water and straw mixed together. Mixing in a tarp makes it easier to get the level of moisture uniform through the whole mix (you pull up the sides of the tarp rolling the mix in on itself). Balls of this are pushed into the walls of this very small structure. You could build a chook house this way.
(4 minutes 48 seconds)...

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