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Sustainable Transport Video Series:
This is a fascinating series of 7 videos talking about why walking and cycling are the most energy efficient methods of transport and how they can be promoted in a city to the benefit
of everyone living in that area

Peter Lipman Designing Sustainable Transport:
Part 1
Cycling and walking bring HUGE advantages for human health and are totally environmentally sustainable forms of transport.  But how do you design local communities so people will want to ride bicycles or walk to get around.  This series of videos covers these issues and more.
(9 minutes and 31 seconds)...

If you're on a dial up connection you may want to let each video download completely before playing so the video runs smoothly.

(You can pause a video after it starts playing and it will then continue to download).

Also the videos will run more smoothly if you only play one video at a time.

If you're using an internet explorer web browser you may have to double click on the play button to get each video to play.

Part 2
(9 minutes and 56 seconds)...

Part 3
(9 minutes and 56 seconds)...

Part 4
(9 minutes and 37 seconds)...

Part 5
(9 minutes and 53 seconds)...

Part 6
(9 minutes and 52 seconds)...

Part 7
(9 minutes and 52 seconds)...

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